I recall how happy my father and mother were when I was accepted into Law School in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s always been and remains my greatest desire to equate the scale of Justice for all. Ensuing the completion of my first quarter, with a B+ GPA, I decided to work full time that summer and return in the fall, however, the fall came and went too many years thereafter and before I knew it those hard and difficult earned credits were history. Needless to say, I did not return back to school; and, rather than becoming a defender for the offenders, I became an offender.

It would be in the year of 1996, that after being tried by a jury of 12, for the offense of armed robbery, I stood before an earthly judge who sentenced me to serve 45 years at hard labor, in lieu of suspension of sentence and parole. I entered prison a very angry man because the system had done to me what it had done and is still doing to so many of my brothers and sisters and revenge became mine. 

If it was evil and wicked I was interested, but one day, it was the 28th day of December 2000, at 0830 hours, I met Jesus and all I can say is that nothing has been the same since that day and hour. I have fallen short of my desired goal, but right in line with God’s divine plan for my life; specifically, I have more than 30 years as a certified lawyer’s assistant/paralegal and more than 10 years as a certified private investigator, but more importantly, I have been living for Christ for nearly 18 years and preaching and teaching His Holy, Powerful, Living Word for more than 6 years and I will continue until the end of time. 

K-9 Legal Services provides many services; especially, for many brothers and sisters who are  incarcerated, such as; file for parole and pardon applications and representation at the hearings, research, investigation, and most importantly, Godly counseling. 
To the private sector, K-9 Legal Services leases its services to attorneys who are too busy to visit clients behind prison walls, interview witnesses, do research,  prepare and file documents, and more. Also, K-9 Legal services provides services to persons who have been denied unemployment, social security, veteran’s benefits, and other administrative services. 

Finally, because God is head of my life, it is an honor and delight to work for you as for the Lord, for everything is always done decent and in order.

May God bless you in all you do.

Rev. N. Joseph Nash, ll

And I know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (KJV)
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